Some hard truths about content marketing…

Your website is too small.
Website expansion as a key advantage for lead generation.

Your online advertising is flawed.
How content can help you win at online advertising.

You’re a heartless robot.
Correct use of your people online.

Nobody believes a word you say.
How to stop lying to your audience and yourself.

You’re stuck at day 1.
How to turn business wins into a #1 website.

You don’t know what to write about.
How to make sure every piece of content contributes to sales.

What can you do about it…

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Content marketing is different for every business.
As a sales copywriter I can also help you with sales copy, email marketing, customer service emails, landing pages, about pages, flyers, sales documents (tenders, proposals, quotes), business-for-sale ads, boat-for-sale ads, investment pitches for startups.

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