Content marketing that lasts 10 years, not 10 days

Most content produced today is dead within a week, and makes no further financial contribution to the business.

What a waste.

I write copy that sits in the most important parts of your sales funnel. And any content I write serves a long-term sales role. Instead of starting from scratch every week, it accumulates over time, and piece by piece we build the #1 website in your market.

Who am I?

Dave Gillen. I live in Ferny Hills, Brisbane. Call me on (07) 3180 0288.

When I started as an online marketer 9 years ago (websites, SEO, and online advertising), I discovered that a lack of written sales support was behind every failed campaign.

Without this support…

>>Websites weren’t generating leads.
>>AdWords campaigns were losing money.
>>SEO was usually a waste of money.

I realised then that content wasn’t an extra activity to consider, it was the primary activity that allowed a company to generate business online.

The road to #1

Like you, I’m committed to being #1 in my field.

I have my work reviewed regularly by Drayton Bird. According to David Ogilvy (founder of Ogilvy and Mather) “Drayton Bird knows more about direct marketing than anyone in the world.”, and he makes sure I’m getting my clients as many sales as humanly possible.

David Garfinkel, known in some circles as “The world’s greatest copywriting coach” has said this about my work…“Really good b2i (business-to-investor) lead-gen ads. Great plain-spoken writing and written from a high degree of acumen. That’s tough to pull off! I hope you’re getting paid well for those.”

More importantly my clients love what I do, as you’ll see in this letter.

What I want from you

I’m looking for another company to take to #1. If you’d like that to be you, here are some places we could start:

A starting project costs no more than $800. You can find longer-term pricing here.

Dave, here’s the problem we have