Stop spinning your wheels

Here’s the problem with more than 90% of written content.

It’s dead within a week.

What does that mean? It means in 7 days or less that web page or article or email or post makes no further financial contribution to the business.

What a waste.

If you’ve been online for years, but still feel like your at square one, I’ll help by showing you:

  • The most important parts of your sales funnel.
  • The missing parts of your sales funnel.
  • The permanent assets worth putting your time into.
  • How to write, and improve the high-value copy and content we identify.
  • How to build a permanent selling machine that grows stronger (and bigger) over time.

Who am I?

Dave Gillen. I live in Ferny Hills, Brisbane.

When I started as an online marketer 9 years ago, I discovered that a lack of written sales material was behind every failed campaign.

Without it…

>>Websites failed to generate enough leads.
>>AdWords campaigns lost money.
>>SEO didn’t work as promised.

I realised then that content wasn’t an extra activity to consider, it was the behind-the-scenes activity that made successful campaigns work.

My progress as a copywriter

I regularly seek feedback from my clients and the world’s best copywriters…

Drayton Bird regularly reviews my work. If you don’t know him, David Ogilvy (known as the father of modern advertising) said that:

Drayton Bird knows more about direct marketing than anyone in the world.”

Drayton makes sure I’m getting my clients as many sales as humanly possible, and lets me know if my ads ever fail to be intriguing, exciting, or compelling.

“The world’s greatest copywriting coach” David Garfinkel, has said this about my work

“Really good b2i (business-to-investor) lead-gen ads. Great plain-spoken writing and written from a high degree of acumen. That’s tough to pull off! I hope you’re getting paid well for those.”

More importantly my clients profit from what I do, as you’ll see in this letter.

Who I’m looking for

I’m looking for companies who are sick of the content treadmill and want to build a selling machine – a permanent asset that grows every week. Here are some common starting points:

A starting project costs no more than $800. You can find longer-term pricing here.

Dave, here’s the problem we have