About Page Copywriting

There are two traditional approaches to writing an About Page.

  1. Non-human. The company decides not to identify anyone in the company by name or face. You’ll hear statements about quality or experience or company beliefs, but nothing about people.
  2. Human. Includes a short bio and photo of the owner, and sometimes the whole team.

Which one advances the sale?

I’d have no interest in writing a non-human about page, because when you refuse to put your name on your product, you hurt the sale. To the reader it could suggest…

  • You’re not proud of your product
  • You’re not personally responsible for your product
  • You’re worried about your reputation
  • You use casual/short term staff that you don’t want to show off
  • You’re inexperienced and don’t want people to know
  • Nobody’s accountable when something goes wrong

They won’t know the exact reason, they will simply lose confidence.

Does being human help?

Of course a human About Page is better. It’s nice to see Jenny smiling, but then again we don’t really care about her love of wakeboarding, or her three Jack Russells. Even her “14 years experience” lacks a link to the reader’s purchase. It doesn’t hurt, but we still haven’t advanced the sale.

But what if there’s a part of the service that’s going to be flawless because she’s done it 345 times before? That piece of info would help me to get to know Jenny, AND increase my confidence. This idea gives us the basis for a 3rd kind of About Page.

The third kind of About Page

This kind of About Page uses your people (of course) but it does something more. It ties your people to your product or service. In reality, your people and product are inseparable. Talking about your people, means talking about a part of your product.

So how does this advance the sale?

It helps people put a higher value on your product.

I don’t care if it’s brain surgery or tree surgery. If people knew the amount of work that went into your product or service, they’d appreciate it more, value it more, and be willing to pay more.

  • When you talk about Bob Smith and the 600 pianos he has personally relocated, you advance the sale.
  • When you talk about how many engines Alice has rebuilt, or how many cold-calls Stan has made in his career, you advance the sale.

It’s also an opportunity for you to appreciate your team and the role they play in your success every day. Most companies say they value their people, but then never mention them, so it doesn’t ring true.

Has this rung a bell with you?

If you’d like your About Page to do more for your sales, let’s talk.

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Once you realise that your people are part of your product, you’ll start to see a sales opportunity bigger than just your About Page (explained here: Correct use of your people online).