Friend with an advertising problem

If you were already a friend of mine, here’s what I’d do for you…

A) Everything possible to solve your advertising problem.
B) Refund your money if it doesn’t work.

So why would I treat a customer any differently? Below is one style of copywriting project I personally enjoy and have found to be very effective. For other options see the pricing page.

An all-inclusive copywriting program with a money back guarantee

A whatever-it-takes renovation of your ads, sales funnel, and more. Each client needs something different, but my most recent project included new offers, ads, landing pages, written quotes, emails, handwritten notes, direct mail flyers, and a tender that landed my client a $167,000 contract he had no business winning. Patrick sent me this: “Dave, Just heard from ___! Wegot it!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for your help! Couldn’t have don’t it without you!!!!” Dec 11, 2018.

The results guarantee means I don’t make money unless you do.

Includes assets for your business

This project will produce a number of assets and tools for your business. Headlines, email templates, landing page templates, and principles that will help you say the right thing in all future marketing. These assets will give you a stronger sales process and make it easier for regular staff to play a sales role.

Makes you a better marketer

All copy changes and strategy shifts are shared and explained in detail, to give you principles you’ll use in all your future business decisions.

But first…

Before I make a guarantee, we’ll need to sit down and work together for a session (free).
If you are ready to commit a couple of hours to spend on your advertising problem then I’ll join you – book here.

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