See how far can we get in 2 hours

Want to be my client for 2 hours to see what it’s like working together?

It’s not a traditional sales consult because that would put us on opposite sides of the table. For this we’ll need to be on the same side, with no selling, just me sharing my craft with you and getting you a valuable breakthrough that you can take away with you.

This session saves us from taking a leap into the unknown.

How to book

Use the form below to make a booking (it’s free). Or upload your ads for an online-only review (suitable if you live outside Brisbane or aren’t ready for a work session).

  • Book a sit-down

  • Sessions currently on Thursdays and Fridays.
  • Jot down a few words about what you'd like to achieve. I'll also send you some more specific questions so I can prepare for our session.