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Freelance copywriter in Brisbane, specialising in…
Business for sale ads.
Franchise for sale ads.
Investment Opportunity ads.
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Aug 22, 2019.Private Investment Opportunity
When asking for a private investment in your company, you need to separate yourself from the scammers and the bad deals.. [Read it…]

Aug 2, 2019.Listed On Gumtree Only, With No Broker, And No Polish-Up
Selling your business for its full value requires a trusting buyer. In this ad I support each claim with facts and numbers, so the seller makes a first impression as a reliable source of info. [Read it…]

July 29, 2019.Where Else Can You Earn $100k per Year With Only 4 Weeks Training?
Instead of listing all the features of the business, try focusing on what your business will allow the buyer to do. Talk about your business as a tool the buyer can use for a better life.[Read it…]

July 25, 2019.What Will This Kebab Shop Be Worth In 12 Months?
Once I’m clear about the standout feature of a business, I want to be telling that story through the entire ad. The reader will best remember an ad that’s about one thing.[Read it…]

July 11, 2019.Thai Restaurant | Under $50k | Bargain or Bomb???
When your business compares favourably to others, make the advantage clear. Your buyer has a lot of options, so rescue them from confusion.[Read it…]

May 22, 2019. Nationally Renowned Marine Workshop For Sale
This ad presents an opportunity to become a specialist of national distinction, which is valuable for the buyer personally as well as the business…[Read it…]

“Thanks Dave. You are a legend.” -Colin Lough, Performance Propellers

May 15, 2019. Café For Sale
This new ad invites the buyer to be diligent in their research… [Read it…]

April 18, 2019. Fish & Chip Shop For Sale
A new ad that gives more confidence in current and long-term success of the business. [Read it…]

March 28, 2019. Printing Business For Sale
Newsworthy headline. More personal (names). More time sensitive. Promise financial records (the buyer is going to ask for them anyway). More specific offer of support (200 hours). An extra reason to respond quickly. [Read it…]

January 5, 2019. Garden Larder Farms, Business Opportunity
The more clearly you can represent the opportunity, the more attractive it will be to the right customer type. [Read it…]

“What you wrote is such an improvement on mine, it really goes to show how a writing expert can make a real difference. I am really pleased, thanks :)” -Rowan, Garden Larder

January 3, 2019. Branded Products Franchise
Franchises are a business opportunity that people are highly suspicious of, because there are a lot of deals that aren’t what they seem. That means your ad needs to be impeccably trustworthy. [Read it…]

December 28, 2018. Brisbane Take-Away Shop
Buying a business is scary for the buyer. This new ad shows how you can make them more comfortable taking that first step. [Read it…]

December 17, 2018. Retirement Accommodation, Morayfield
Headline and opening now capitalise squarely on the point of difference. “There’s an alternative to spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to move into retirement living, and it’s called…” [Read it…]

December 14, 2018. Sydney Harbour Property Development
If you genuinely have a stand-out product, get this verified by a renowned authority in your industry and quote them in your ad. It’s a huge confidence boost for any buyer. [Read it…]

December 11, 2018. Commercial Cleaning Tender [successful]
A tender is not a stand-alone document. It should be a reference document for all of the points of professionalism you’ve displayed through the tender process. That way you’re not making promises or wild claims – simply asking them to review the points of distinction they’ve already witnessed with their own eyes. [See project…]

“We had the presentation yesterday 3:30pm. It went really well, far better than I expected. They started by saying our tender response was far better than anything they had received (there are 2 other tenderees). They stressed many times how much better ours was.”