Prepare for Online Advertising (Copywriting & Content)

If you’re considering hiring a copywriter for your Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads, or Google Ads, please read this first…

Superior online advertising requires more content than generic advertising. Let me explain with a couple of examples…

Better Google ads

If you want to advertise for “knee physio brisbane” on Google, then you’ll need a landing page (on your website) all about your knee physio service. You’re making sure the $10 you spent on that click isn’t wasted.

Better Facebook ads

If a physiotherapist want to reach netballers, tennis players, and runners with Facebook ads, they need:

  1. An ad for each customer type.
  2. A landing page to pair with each ad.

The ad-landing page pairing allows your sales page to continue the same conversation that grabbed their interest in the ad (explained further here).

Lead your market

This type of content-driven advertising is a big advantage in any market. Your competition will pay to reach the same audience, but will not have the content that speaks to each customer about their specific situation (getting back on court sooner, for example).

The content-driven approach requires more written material, but allows you to speak to each slice of your audience individually, without sacrificing the market coverage of a broader campaign.

How can I help?

I provide the combination of Ad Copy and Website Content that makes highly targeted (market-leading) advertising possible.

Start with a trial for $800, typically including…

  • 2x ads
  • 2x Landing Pages
  • And I’ll provide a strategy that you can scale across your range of services, and across all your customer segments.

Afterwards you can replicate my approach for other customer types, or access my affordable rates for longer-term work.

Embarrass your old ad campaigns