Content Strategy

If you’re going to produce a mountain of content over the next 12 months, how do you turn it into a long-lasting advantage in your market?

If you’ve got a limited budget, how do you produce a handful of cornerstone, brand-building, conversion-boosting pieces and squeeze the most out of them?

What is a content strategy?

A content marketing strategy means finding answers to questions like…

Who is this for?

You may need help with content strategy if…

  • You want to DIY but need a plan
  • You’d consider hiring me long term, but want to try me out first
  • You have a writer but need a content roadmap
  • Your content team needs a purpose and a plan

What’s included?

Get fixed-price Content Strategy help for $800. Includes the following:

  • Review of website and content
  • Competition analysis
  • Content Roadmap
  • Starting ideas for your content plan
  • 2 hours in your office or on a video call
  • Answers to all of your specific questions about content

Together we’ll produce a sales-focused content strategy, and a plan for becoming #1 in your market.

Need a content strategy that you can get excited about?