An Unconventional Way to Own a Book Store Cheaply | #Copywriting

In any deal, there’s usually one fact you’d prefer to go unnoticed.

One of the “creative” aspects of copywriting is turning a weakness into a positive part of the deal. In this ad the “weakness” is how we made this sale newsworthy.

We also…

  • Told the owner’s story so the bargain price is more believable
  • Put a dollar value on the stock to make it clear that the value is well above the asking price ($200,000 vs $54,000)
  • Packaged the owner’s knowledge into a mentorship that will help the buyer succeed

Click to open the PDF (see the before and after)

Brisbane Bookshop Copywriting Sample

“I was so pleasantly surprised when I read what Dave Gillen had written for my Gumtree Ad. There was no way I would have thought of these different angles, put so simply, and so easy to read.  It was also very inspiring what he wrote, I was just to close to it all to come up with anything half as appealing as Dave’s words.
He really put a lot of thoughtfulness into it, and I know my writing capabilities are just not good enough to express what Dave did.”

Julie Trace, BookBank

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