The Day Zero Handover Program

Company value can plummet during a change of ownership.

Every buyer knows it, worries about it, and factors it into how much they offer.

A Handover Program is a series of communications with customers before, during, and after the sale to ensure maximum retention of customers, so the company is worth as much (or more) after the sale as it was before.

Benefits to the buyer

A good handover safeguards the value of the business in those crucial first weeks after the sale, by building a relationship between the new owner(s) and their customer base. This can be worth 20% of the company’s entire value to the new owners.

Benefits to the seller

A handover plan put in place by the seller gives the buyer optimism about what will happen immediately after the sale.

When a buyer is uncertain about the all-important first few weeks or months of ownership, they MUST offer 20-30% less to offset the drop in business after the sale (real or imagined).

But when a buyer feels the business is more likely to boom than bust post-sale, they are able to pay a much higher price for the business and still expect to profit handsomely.

Handover Program includes…

A series of messages before, during, and after the sale to ensure maximum retention of customers (and boost business). Written in collaboration with both buyer and seller.

The messages are suited to a series of emails to your customer base, but can be adapted for other channels such as social media, press releases, or letters sent out by mail.

May include:

  • Introduction and endorsement of the new owners
  • Updates on the sale/transition/handover
  • Signalling the intentions of the new owners via announcements, surveys, offers, or giveaways.


I offer this service because it’s one of those crazy situations where a few words on a screen can be worth anywhere from $10,000 to $200,000 and I can do it for the laughable price of $880.

Or if I’m writing your Business for Sale Ad you can get the Handover Program for FREE and we’ll make it a bonus inclusion to win the confidence of your buyer.

Protect the value of your business

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