How to optimise an ad [Retirement Living]

Five little things can add up to a lot more responses to your ad, especially if it’s already working and you want to optimise it for further success without changing the formula too much.

1) Colour. This ad contains: a) Information; b) Instructions. One is for reading, the other is for doing. Make the instructions red (white text) so they get read properly rather than skimmed over as general info.
2) Phone number. If my wife leaves a new lightbulb out for me on the kitchen bench, I am 10x more likely to change a blown bulb (versus having to walk five steps to the cupboard where we keep them). Whenever you ask someone to call you, always give them the phone number immediately to maximise the responses to your ad.
3) Clutter. Every bit of redundant text reduces the impact of your important text. Here the great range of facilities you’ve listed speak for themselves.
4) Point of difference. Tell us why you’re the best. There are a dozen other competing ads in this magazine, and the ads that will get the most responses are the ones that articulate what “best” means for their segment of the market. Cheapest? Better value? More spacious? Tiniest (low maintenance)? Most luxurious? Better located? You get attention by letting your buyers know you have the TYPE of place they are looking for.
5) Urgency. “Prices subject to change” is printed here as a legal disclaimer, and judging from the tiny font it’s a reluctant inclusion. But here’s how you can make it work FOR you. If you say “Prices likely to change in March 2018” (or similar – just tell the truth), it motivates a buyer to enquire with urgency. An element of urgency is critical for getting responses (and a $ return) from your ad.

What if the ad isn’t working?

If the current ad is not working, then small changes may not turn it around. I’d consider a new ad that focuses on:

  • Your point of difference.
  • Make an offer to entice people to visit (visiting comes before buying).
  • Make it urgent. Limited spots available, or limited time.

As it stands the ad contains a bit of everything, with a focus on the features of your product (and includes none of the three features above).


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