Flyer Campaign Design: Do flyers still work in 2020?

Do Facebook campaigns work?
Do Google ads work?
Do email marketing campaigns work?
Do shots from the three-point line work?

The answer is the same…SOME DO. SOME DON’T.

Most flyer campaigns are run without much thought (think 5000 flyers blanketed over an area), so it’s no wonder many businesses don’t see an ROI from their flyer campaigns. But it doesn’t mean flyers are dead.

How to give your flyers a chance

I have a rule: Never send a generic message to a generic audience. We always want to send a specific message to a specific group of people. Here’s how it might work for a typical local business.

  • Target #1 – People in your street.
    Message: “Hi we’re neighbours. If all our clients were in our street it would make our lives easier, and we’d like to make it worth your while.”
  • Target #2 – People in your suburb.
    Message: “Locals discount for people in our suburb.”
  • Target #3 – People in surrounding suburbs.
    Message: “We drive through your suburb every Friday because we have two other clients nearby. We’re always looking for ways to decrease our travel time, so we have a proposal for you…”
  • Target #4 – Neighbours of existing clients.
    Message: “We’d like to offer you a substantial discount. Why? Because we’re already in your building on Tuesdays! That means…”

In each case, the reader receives an offer that is genuinely exclusive (not those “exclusive” offers that you KNOW are being offered to everyone).

Need more ideas for your letterbox campaign?

Here are some ways you can personalise your offer:

  • Location (as above)
  • Occupation (B2B)
  • Business type (B2B)
  • Property type (house vs unit vs farm vs waterfront mansion)
  • Previous purchases (car, pool, solar panels)

An accountant might personalise by occupation, a window cleaner might personalise by property type, and so on.

An example…

Here’s an example of a flyer I wrote for a cleaning company. This was written as a B2B flyer, and customised for different locations (street/suburb/etc). Click image to open…

Copywriting for Flyers, Leaflets, Direct Mail

If you’d like help designing a flyer campaign and writing your flyers/leaflets/brochures or direct mail, please contact me here or call me on (07) 3180 0288. I bet we can get a whole campaign done for the price of a starter project.

Dave Gillen
Copywriter & Content Marketer, Brisbane