Franchise for Sale Ads

Franchisors are #1 when it comes to the sheer amount of money that can be made from a great advertisement.

A business can only be sold once, but franchisors have the ability to use a great ad to sell franchise after franchise. And yet, a Franchise for Sale ad costs no more than a Business for Sale ad, so they are an especially high-return investment.


It’s only $880 for a written ad that will pay for itself many times with your first extra franchise sale.

But that’s small potatoes. The real returns come from your ability to use your new ad for multiple franchise locations.

And once you see your new ad, you’ll have new selling ideas, new phrases, sharper positioning statements, and a stronger value proposition that you can’t wait to transplant into your other sales materials. This includes the pieces of paper sitting in front of your prospect when they are trying to find the confidence to say “Yes. Let’s do it”.


Pay nothing until you receive your draft ad. If you love it, pay $880 to use it.


  • Review and critique of your existing ads
  • Strategy and problem solving
    • How to be nothing like your competition
    • How can we earn a buyer’s trust immediately?
    • How do we start building a relationship with the buyer?
    • How do we more than justify the price?
    • How do we avoid using a copy/pasted ad for 15 locations
  • Written Franchise for Sale ad (usually 1-3 pages).
  • As many revisions as we need to get it right.

Nothing to lose

Let me take one shot at a better ad. If you don’t like it you don’t pay for it and don’t use it.

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Dave Gillen – Franchise for Sale Copywriter, Brisbane

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