Get Michael Jordan the ball [Granny Flats]

Granny Cabins seem like a great product to advertise. Let’s see what’s wrong with the ad…

1. Fix the Mistakes

  1. The headline is too vague
  2. Body copy is selling the granny flat concept
  3. Not using location to advantage (“SUBURB cabin display now open”)
  4. Not enough attention or urgency given to CTA (call to action)

People already know about granny flats, so “security, independence, and peace of mind” aren’t news. But there IS some news – that a granny cabin changes the granny flat equation, requiring less space and money than traditional options. We want the reader to RE-CONSIDER the granny flat option by challenging their previous assumptions.

To deliver this message we could say:

DON’T build a granny flat!

Try a Granny Cabin for size. You will be surprised where we can fit a granny cabin on the same site as your family home at an affordable price. Over 5600 satisfied customers makes us #1 in the industry.

2. Make a better offer

If Michael Jordan is your top scorer, you need to focus on passing him the ball (not taking shots from long range). For your ad to perform well, we need to recognise the role it plays.

This ad’s job is to sell the first step first (a free site inspection) and set up a bigger selling opportunity (the site visit) where a big decision like a cabin purchase can be sold properly.

So let’s sell the inspection before we ask for the booking.

  • Free site inspections Brisbane-wide
  • Obligation free quote if desired
  • Appointments available 7 days incl after hours
  • 30 min assessment of space, access, utilities, council req.
  • Inspections by our chief designer Steve Jones
  • Free 20L esky for every inspection June only*

*Or some other free gift. The better the gift the better the incentive.

An ad with a clear purpose

With these changes…

  1. The headline gets the attention of the right people.
  2. There’s a clear focus (how Granny Cabins are different). We bring news that asks them to reconsider the option.
  3. Location used as a selling point (convenience) for locals.
  4. Sell the appointment (this is the goal of the ad)
  5. I like to make it more personal, and ideally use a mobile number. Nobody wants to get a call centre.

3. Beyond the ad

Site inspections are your prime selling opportunity (your Michael Jordan, your point scorer). Your ad is no longer set up to score, but to get him the ball (more bookings). The other parts of your sales process can also do a better job if they know their job is simply to get the ball to your scorer. Take the display cabin for example…

  • You set up a big pile of eskies.
  • The sign says “Free esky when you book a free site inspection.”
  • Another sign gives all the site inspection details.

It leaves visitors with no doubt about the next step (or what they stand to gain).

From here you start thinking:

  • “Hmm how else could we get the ball to MJ?” -Could we give better eskies? Do they make them in footy team colours?
  • “How do we make it easier to book?” – Do we have a stand set up with a booking form and a pen to make it as easy as possible?
  • And so on…

So whenever the company needs to improve sales, you have a systematic way of approaching the problem – make it easier or more attractive for a person to take each step in the buying process.


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