A good ad for Retirement Living

This ad is well laid out and illustrates some good selling.

  1. Hits us right away with an attractive feature, and presenting this as the latest news gives a feeling that this place is alive with new developments and improvements. You’re buying in during the exciting development phase.
  2. Love these! Movie theatre and bowling alley are such attractive drawcards, and a good point of difference.
  3. Finally a decent offer! Free accommodation and a tour – the visit itself is starting to sound like a mini-holiday. The visit is an essential step in the buying process (and a huge hurdle to get over), and making an offer like this helps a potential buyer to to take that step. This offer really separates the ad from the dozen or so competing ads in the magazine.
  4. It’s such a good strategy I’d take it even further, and offer a free morning tea to visitors.
  5. Saying “Book now to reserve your preferred night” would be an easy way to add some urgency and get people to make that booking. It’s a perfect fit, because it makes sense that such a generous offer is going to be limited.

Nice going to the team at Palm Lake Resort 🙂


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