Warren Buffett’s famous rule of investing says:

Rule #1: Never lose money.
Rule #2: Never forget rule #1.

I offer a full money-back guarantee, to make sure you never lose money when investing in my services.

Let’s talk about money

If you’re investing $2,000 x3 for a total of $6,000 you should be aiming to earn an extra $20,000 to $100,000 from your advertising in the 12 months ahead.

Your absolute minimum target should be $6k to ensure you’ve made your money back. So if I can’t make you an additional $6k from your ads during the project, or in the 3 months that follow, I will refund your money.

  • If your results don’t improve at all, you’ll get back the full $6k.
  • If you only make $3k I’ll pay you $3k to make up the difference.

I refuse to let you lose money on my services.

Further protection

As another layer of protection, you won’t be investing anything until I can show you some breakthrough ideas for your ads. I’ll do this during a free 2 hour work session – booking this session is the next step if you’re curious about what I can do for you…

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