How to elevate your flyer [Home Services]


Hi Michael,

Some ideas for your flyer as requested. See sketch below. Changes are labelled on the sketch and discussed underneath.


Fix the mistakes

  1. Heading updated to Hazel Home Services. “Home Services” I think neatly describes your package of services, so it helps people to sum up what you do.
  2. Get that phone number bigger. The finish line for your ad is someone dialling your number, so this makes it easier for them to start dialling, or writing the number down for later.
  3. Group your services. Putting them into categories allows a reader to get a snapshot of what you do in a few seconds, (or find the service they need). A bunch of random services is harder to digest and harder to remember.
  4. Put YOUR picture here. Your biggest asset is your existing relationship with the community. Using your photo here would capitalise on the fact that most of the people seeing these flyers already know you. “Oh hey there’s Michael” – that moment of recognition is priceless – “Oh do we need anything done at home? Let’s think…”
    If not a photo, you can get a cartoon character (based on you) made very cheaply on the internet (which could be fun and a bit of a talking point).
  5. Make them an offer. If you don’t give people a reason to make a booking right away, they file it away and may or may not remember you when something is urgent. Plus if you plan on following up with people, you now have a specific proposition for them (and a good one – a free lawn, or hedge trim, or car wash). Instead of asking them for work, you get to give them something. So I would first send everyone a flyer, and a week later visit each one to see if they want a job done for free (last week to take advantage).
  6. Make it legit. Adding your full name and ABN gives the feel of a proper business more than just someone doing odd jobs. It tells people they can expect a professional (vs casual) approach. I would probably also add your home address as another reminder of why you’re a better choice than to any outside service provider – you’re their neighbour (who they can trust) and closer by when they need you.

Make an offer

Your service is not your offer (Product vs Offer).

Your offer includes:

  • A 1 hour job free in June (try before you buy, and a reason to act quickly)
  • You are someone they already know and trust.
  • You are their neighbour. Important for trust, but also has logistical benefits – makes you suitable for smaller jobs and after hours jobs. You’re nearby, won’t have to charge for travel time, and can probably get there quickly if needed.

Once you see how your real-world situation benefits your customers you can build an ad around these factors.

Accelerated buyer response

Every ad is urgent. To get immediate action we must present people with a situation that requires it. In this case we can run a limited time offer that requires taking advantage before May 30. And the better the offer, the more the urgency is effective. I would recommend a follow-up visit with each resident in the last week “just to check if you’d like a job done for free, because the offer closes on Friday.” It’s a pretty hard to resist offer as long as you’re genuinely eager to help and there’s no strings attached.

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