How to stand for something [Travel]

If you said to a friend “Now’s the perfect time to come over for a beer” they would say WHY? And you would have a reason “The wife’s gone shopping” or “I’m cracking the first bottle of home brew” or “They just delivered the new pool table”.

So when this ad says “Now’s the perfect time to book your 2018 travels with us” the only thing on the reader’s mind is WHY?! When absolutely no reason is given, we end up with that sinking feeling where we don’t get the info we were promised.

Currently this ad:

  1. Doesn’t address the audience of this publication (seniors).
  2. Doesn’t say why book with Travellers Choice.
  3. Doesn’t tell them why NOW.

What might that look like?

Consider the following sketch…

Now this ad has something to say.

  • It addresses the audience of this publication
  • Captures an important concern for older travellers
  • Gives a good reason to book with TC
  • Gives a time-specific offer that rewards them for booking now.

A series of similar ads could shine a light on the different things that can go wrong if you get your travel plans wrong. In this seniors magazine it’s important to highlight issues that are relevant for this age group, but you could advertise to other segments of the market with a similar approach.

And people get to choose a company that stands for something – the safety of its travellers. Now that’s something worth advertising.


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