Investment Opportunity Copywriter

Investors are swamped with so-called investment opportunities they have absolutely zero interest in. But genuine money-making recipes will always be in demand.

Unless you know how an investor tells the difference in a matter of seconds, guess which pile your “opportunity” is going into.

Most investment decisions are made in front of a piece of paper

An investor will likely learn of your opportunity from a piece of paper (or words on a screen).

The right piece of paper does more than get attention – it changes the way an investor sees you through each step of the investment process.

Get specialised help

I’m a high-stakes copywriter helping companies improve those important documents that have $100,000 or more riding on them.

I’ll help you turn your request for money into an opportunity that can’t be ignored. Making sure it’s…

  • Investor-focused
  • Under-priced (investing is all about getting a bargain deal)
  • Different from other investments
  • Impeccably trustworthy (no bull**** detected)


To allow me to deliver a 100x return on your investment, I offer a fixed price $880 service for investments over $100,000. Writing and problem solving included:

  • Break down your current deal / pitch / advertisement.
  • Make sure you have the fundamental elements of a scarce opportunity.
  • Produce your written advertisement.
  • Write as many revisions as needed.

The problems solved during our work together will also improve your pitch, conversations with investors, and company strategy.

Investment under $100k? I’ll lower the price to make sure you get your 100x return if possible. Get in touch here…

Only pay when you’re satisfied

Make no decision on payment until you have a draft in your hand. Until you know I’ve dramatically improved your ad and your chances of getting the investment.

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Or call me on (07) 3180 0288

Dave Gillen – High Stakes Copywriter for Investments, Brisbane

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Recent Investment Opportunity Advertisement for a South Brisbane Wholesaler (click image to read in full)