Landing Page Copywriting

What will it take to lead your market in online advertising?

You’ll need to understand this…

Your market is not one group of people. Your market is in fact made up of many small niche groups of customers.

Better advertising starts when you stop trying to sell to these groups all at once, with a generic message (advertisement) and a generic sales page (landing page).

Landing Page: The page a person visits (or lands on) when they click your ad.

If you’re advertising a catering service for example, you’ll shift from “We do weddings, birthdays, and conferences” to individual campaigns for wedding catering, birthday catering, and conference catering. Instead of a single ad, you’ll need to write 3 separate ads, and 3 unique landing pages.

In person you’d never try to sell all three services to one person, and it’s the same online.

Standalone or on your website?

Many agencies prefer to use a stand-alone landing page separate from your website. They say the results are better (with less distractions for the buyer), but the other reason is that they retain control of the landing page and can “rent” it out to you (i.e. when you stop using the agency, you lose the landing page).

I prefer to publish landing pages on your website, for the following reasons…

  • You own the page long-term
  • They double as good pages for SEO
  • They double as part of your sales funnel for all traffic, not just from one specific ad campaign
  • People feel more comfortable buying from a company’s website than a standalone sales page. They can follow their normal buying process (for example reading the company’s About Page).
  • No 3rd party software needed

Example Landing Page Copywriting

Here’s an example of a landing page that sells one service. It’s paired with an ad for the same service. It tells the reader what’s different about the service, and supports any claims with proof (right on the page).

Landing Page Copy (click to open)

When do you need a copywriter?

A Google Ads Specialist or a Facebook Ads Specialist will handle your ads (setup, targeting, testing, adjusting budgets).

But once a prospect clicks on your ad, it’s up to your landing page to make the sale. Most unsatisfactory results come from companies expecting their ad manager to “get sales” but in reality it takes good advertising AND a good sales page to run a profitable ad campaign.


Landing Pages can be a part of any of the services below.

If you don’t know what you need, simply get in touch to discuss your situation.