They’ve been in business for 47 years (no wonder!)

I’ve included this ad because I like it a lot. Here’s why…

  1. The word “currently” makes the whole ad work. It gives a sense there’s a window of opportunity for anyone who owns these objects to sell them. It implies their items are needed and so the owner may reasonably expect a good price.
  2. Listing lots of items by name gives a real sense of certainty to the owners of these items (their items are wanted specifically).
  3. “We Pay Cash” – the human brain LOVES an immediate payoff. It’s powerful because we can all visualise receiving a wad of cash at the counter – it’s very tangible.

The only improvement I’d suggest is to paint the picture of a limited opportunity even more by explaining why the current need for these items. Something like “Due to high demand we are currently looking to buy:” or “Because of the Christmas rush” or “Due to low stocks”. The more specific the better.

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