Start with a great headline and build a show around it [Performing Arts]

I had some comments on the copy, but that’s small stakes. I want to talk about a bigger issue…

What kind of show would you like to see?

Here’s the kind of show I’d like to see…

“What happens when you push three powerful tenors beyond their limits?”

When you go to see a performer you want to see them stretched and at the limit of their abilities – that’s where a performer shines. It’s only here that we see something we couldn’t see just anywhere.

The current show just sounds so pedestrian – versatile, good, fun, sophistication – it sounds very comfortable.

Work backwards from the ad

You want to be making shows that are ad-worthy and news worthy. So once you have a good headline you can ask “Ok, what kind of show would push three tenors beyond their limits? Because people would want to see that.”

That way your ads will be naturally compelling, a write up in the local paper is more likely, and people have a sound byte they can repeat to their friends “These three tenors are going to do X, which sounds fascinating.”

If not, you’re faced with trying to make a routine event sound interesting (Good things come in threes?). Not a great place to be when you sit down to write your ad.

Dave G

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