Our work together starts with a mini-project, where we jump right into solving your biggest problem with content or copywriting.

Price: All starting projects are currently $800

You’ll find out what it’s like to work with me, and you’ll get access to my prepaid rates for longer term work.

Standard Hourly Rate

$120/hr standard rate for copywriting jobs.
Minimum 3 hrs.

Prepaid Rates

$800 prepaid for 10 hours (33% discount).
Start executing on a few critical pieces.

How to qualify for a 50% discount…
50% discount on my rates if you’re willing to give me a genuine shot at making you #1 in your market. To qualify you just need to show you’re committed. Book a 100 hour project, or a 6 month partnership (2+ hrs/wk), and I’ll work for half-price (currently $60/hr).

Brief Dave on the situation

Dave Gillen – Copywriter & Content Marketer, Brisbane – (07) 3180 0288