SEO Copywriting

What is SEO copywriting?

Generally SEO Copywriting means writing website copy that is search-engine-friendly. It gives your website the chance to “rank well” for relevant search terms (and be found by more people).

But each page on your website has two jobs – first to help you get found (the bait), and second to get you a customer (the hook).

Part 1: The bait

The SEO part isn’t too difficult – using the right keywords the right amount of times, a suitable word count, a good description for Google to display, good use of headings and image labels – that kind of thing.

With a bit of research you could do it yourself, but there’s probably more writing to be done than you think, as I explain here: Your website is too small. <–Read this before you try to squeeze a gallon of juice out of three oranges.

Part 2: Hooking a customer

People often think a copywriter is an expert in writing, but a copywriter is an expert in making sales. Here it’s my job to make sure that your SEO efforts aren’t completely wasted (that happens when people find you but don’t hire you). Word by word I:

This is the hard part. There are fewer people who can do this part well for you.


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Dave Gillen
Copywriter and Content Marketer, Brisbane.