The ugliest ad in the magazine [Pest Control]

A couple of small things…

  1. Your seniors offer. The ad is in an over 55s magazine, so the deal you have for seniors is your big news. Great job tailoring a deal for your audience, except that this message is written in the smallest font in the ad (seniors don’t always have the best eyesight). Make it bigger, or say more about it, to make it a real focus of the ad.
  2. The cockroach. The cockroach is perfect for your purposes, because it’s horrifying for many. Make it bigger! The cockroach should be taking up a quarter of your ad, not the boot. Or remove all the flies and infest the ad with lots of cockroaches instead.

Sometimes an uglier ad is more effective 🙂

An uglier ad

Below I’ve sketched a cockroach-focused ad to show two principles:

  1. Better use of (big) cockroach. We want the ugliest ad in the magazine.
  2. Time-sensitive news that makes the offer important for RIGHT NOW. If you want someone to book right now, you need to give them a reason to do it right now.

Which works better – A cockroach focus or a bigger focus on seniors? Test it. The trick is to make two separate ads and try both approaches over time and measure the results. For a seniors-focused ad, you’d really want to show there’s no better choice for seniors – it might be offering them a bigger discount, first visit free, be generous with the age ranges, 2 for 1 with a neighbour, a free coffee voucher for the closest café for when they have to vacate the house during treatment?

A better campaign for 2018

It’s easier to have an ad that you can re-run all year round, but I would rotate through a series of ads. Each giving some timely news that helps the customer get a good deal or an especially effective treatment.

  • “Up to 10 offspring every 20 days. Don’t let a small mouse problem become a big one.”
  • “December is the most active month for Ants.”
  • “July is our slowest month, so to keep busy we’ll treat 2 pests for the price of one all month.”
  • “Don’t wait til January! It’s our busiest month. Book for December to save 20%.”
  • Seniors month!

Each of these topics is also a perfect fit for educational/advertorial articles that are paired with the ads in this particular magazine.


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