You’re stuck at day 1

How to turn your business wins into the #1 website in your market.

Last month I reviewed a website for a software company. Buried deep in their site was a case study for one of their major clients. It reported an anticipated $1m p.a. cost savings owed to using the software.

Sounds pretty good, except they’ve been a client for 15 years! During that 15 year success story, they’ve missed a trick or two…

  • The confirmed savings per year
  • The total savings over 15 years
  • The long-term ROI of the software ROI
  • How happy the CEO is with this 15 years of success and savings
  • The opinions of all senior management (CEO, COO, CTO)
  • The positive comments of dozens of employees who benefit daily from the software
  • A list of all the problems that have been solved along the way
  • The time savings over 15 years

A whole armoury of marketing ammunition! Dozens of facts that would make the decision easier for new prospects.

Instead their sales copy and marketing materials are stuck trying to sell without teeth. The website (despite several rewrites) makes the same claims from 15 years ago. Claims like “improve efficiency” remain without supporting numbers, without examples, and without 3rd party endorsement.

The job of a marketer in a technology firm is to constantly grab your company’s daily/monthly/yearly wins and use them to constantly improve your ability to make sales.


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