Tender Submissions Copywriter

“We had the presentation yesterday 3:30pm. It went really well, far better than I expected. They started by saying our tender response was far better than anything they had received (there are 2 other tenderees). They stressed many times how much better ours was.”

Just like that, Patrick Elliot won a $300,000 contract he frankly had no business winning. He had no previous experience in the niche, but we turned this supposed weakness into a point of difference they loved.

A 22 page document earned him more than 100x what it cost to create.

That’s why paper and ink in a high-stakes situation can be a home run investment.

TLC for your Tender Submission

For tenders I offer a review and edit service, so you only need to hire me for a couple of days work (not weeks). You put together a draft of the document the way you normally would, ensuring the right format and style for your industry. Then you send it to me.


For as little as $880 – I read, review, identify problems, rewrite where needed, and polish – to help your tender submission bring home the result.

I also provide a second document sharing my feedback as a set of rules you can use for future submissions.

We’ll solve problems like…

  • How will it be read by someone outside your profession?
  • Blind Spots. What have you missed?
  • What parts sound like bull$#!^?
  • How to be a more obvious choice.
  • How to more than justify your price.

Get in touch if you want to improve your Tender game to another level. Call me on (07) 3180 0288 or send me a message here.

Dave Gillen – High-Stakes Copywriter, Brisbane