The Art of the Offer

You don’t need a better offer to write a better ad. But it’s the only way to do it consistently, ad after ad, in every channel, month after month. Here’s how I start with a weak offer and turn it into a strong one.

  • I start with the plain deal written on paper.
  • Then I map out all the elements of the offer, going well beyond the stated offer.
  • Ask these 4 questions to help push self-interest aside, take the customer’s side, and think bigger.
  • Isolate the most unique or most valuable parts of the offer to focus on.
  • Remember to sell the first thing first (set a more appropriate goal for your ad).
  • Will the offer live outside the ad? Is the mere existence of the offer enough to get people talking? Not that the important thing here is what you offer, not what words you use. Nobody’s carrying around your ad or memorising your elevator pitch.

This page is alive. It will continue to change as I keep improving my process.