How to use your weakness to your advantage [Travel]

  1. Seniors offer. You are talking to seniors in an over 50s magazine. Don’t bury your offer to them in the ad, use it to get their attention.
  2. The elephant in the room. This ad ignores the fact that there are other, very well-known holiday destinations on the Sunshine Coast, such as Noosa. After reading your ad your reader is left to wonder what the difference is between Caloundra and these other destinations. Because you haven’t told them, they’ll have to figure that out for themselves, and may end up looking at Caloundra’s differences as weaknesses.

Or you could tell them what the difference is…

If I took the word “Caloundra” out of the ad, it could easily be an ad for another town. That’s how you know that Caloundra isn’t being sold to its potential.

The things that make Caloundra different make it ideal for certain types of customer. These differences are strengths, not weaknesses. Caloundra may be less central and cheaper. That may make it perfect for longer stays, or families, or seniors who don’t need the luxury price tag of Noosa. And these features shouldn’t be hidden.

Since this is a seniors magazine, it would also be a good idea to let people know why seniors like Caloundra – is it more relaxed? Peace and quiet? Better value?

Or have some fun with it… “Caloundra – It’s like staying in Noosa but you keep your life savings.”

Bottom line

There is a section of the Sunshine Coast Holiday market where Caloundra has an advantage – name it and dominate it.

Dave G

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