When you don’t know what to write about

How to make sure every piece of content contributes to sales.

Content Marketing is a sales job.

In my opinion, all content should strengthen your sales funnel (immediately and for the long term). Building the #1 website in your market will come from the accumulation of more and more sales-support over time.

Here are some examples of high-value content you can produce.

Support your SEO

If you’re a GP practice and don’t have a dedicated page for Diabetes or Baby Health Checks or Vaccinations, you have an SEO problem.

  • Write a page for every service you deliver
  • Write a page for every problem you fix

Strengthen your sales funnel

  • Write a page for each product feature. Explain how you ensure your websites are fast-loading. Why is surround sound such a big deal? How does the free measure and quote work?
  • Go through your website copy, underline every claim, and write an article that elaborates on each one. What makes your products higher quality? Explain what you mean by organic. Explain how you sell at wholesale prices.
  • Case studies are basic proof that your service or product works. Write a case study for each service you offer, and make sure readers have access to them via links in your sales copy.

Superior advertising

  • Write a dedicated Landing Page for each Google ad keyword (leaking toilet, dripping tap, blocked drain, emergency plumber, etc).
  • Write a dedicated ad and Landing Page for each customer segment you want to target with Facebook Ads (a physiotherapist might need separate messages for runners, netballers, tennis players, hip replacement patients, etc)

Customer service

Customer service emails are not an admin job. They are a sales job with the task of keeping your customer for the long term.

  • Email updates. Sending a log of “work completed” can be a great reminder of the value of your service, especially for services that occur when the customer is not present (e.g. office cleaning, landscaping, car servicing).
  • Email support. Explain aspects of your service or product the customer might not yet see or appreciate (an important module in their online course, maintenance of their outboard motor, recipes for their new BBQ).


Once you’re producing important content, you want to get the most out of it. Email marketing / newsletters and social media posts are great ways to get more distribution for all of the above types of content.

I would be careful of creating content solely for social channels (where posts lose their reach in just a few days).

Instead I favour high-ROI content that has a permanent sales-boosting role in your core sales funnel, with email and social channels acting as secondary distribution. This approach gives your content maximum impact on sales, and a long lifetime value.


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