Which of these headlines is best???

Which headline will get the most enquiries?

  • Butcher Shop for Sale in Ipswich
  • At last you can own a butcher shop for under $50k
  • To the butcher who hates working for someone else
  • Have you been a butcher for 10 years or more?

The truth is you don’t know for sure which one will work best.

And different headlines will get the attention of different people. So instead of choosing one, you should be thinking about how to use ALL of them.

How to use them all

If you’re advertising your business (or anything else) for sale, you can do a couple of things:

  1. Run multiple versions of your ad.
  2. Rotate your headlines. Write 3 headlines and rotate them each week by editing your ad.

This way you can run highly targeted ads, and still get the attention of the different types of people in your market.

Increase your chances

You never know for sure which headline will get the most attention, or which one will catch the eye of your buyer.

The more headlines you try, the luckier you’ll get.

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