How to get people to drop everything [Medical]

Quick Fixes

  1. Weak headline. What’s in it for me? The purpose of your ad is to offer a great opportunity, so let’s make a strong offer right away in the headline. If we focus on what’s in it for the customer, we’ll get their attention. Instead of… “Clinical trials save lives” what about…

Get paid to save lives. No qualifications needed.

2. Add some urgency. The ad doesn’t indicate there’s a current opportunity. People will be far more interested in a specific opportunity than putting their name down on some waiting list. How about “We have new trials starting in February. Now open to new applicants.”

Next Level

What if you want a stack of people to drop what they are doing and sign up today?

The key then is convincing people that your offer is extremely time sensitive. Not in a contrived way, but a real situation that has opened a narrow window of opportunity.

It can be done simply by letting them know what the situation is (see sketch below).

Or if you’re willing to make some bigger changes to the layout, you can take it further:

“Spots in new trials are normally claimed by our regular volunteers. However, due to several new trials starting in February, we’re currently accepting a short intake of new applicants.”

Let’s say you had a post-it note stuck on the top of the ad with this personal note sharing the reason for the ad. That would be a bit different, there’s a clear urgency, and your ad comes across with generosity.

You know you’re on the right track when your ad resembles a community service announcement.

Dave G


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