Your online advertising is flawed

How content gives a big advantage in online advertising.

The internet gives advertisers one superpower – the ability to reach selected groups of people without paying to reach everyone.

But that doesn’t earn you a person’s attention. To do that, you have an obligation – to tailor your message to the person you’re paying good money to reach.

Throwing away money

A physiotherapist can now reach a 20-year-old netballer and a 75-year-old hip replacement patient. But send them both the same message about “qualified, friendly and professional staff” and you completely throw away the opportunity (and the money).

Why content is the hero

To capitalise, you need a series of small content pieces…

  • A message to the netballer about getting back on court.
  • A message to the 75 yo about getting back their independence in half the time.
  • Another message for tennis players.
  • Another for runners.
  • And so on.

For best results, you’ll send them to a matching page on your website (landing page) where you’ll elaborate on how you help people in their situation. The challenge here is that if you don’t have the time or capability to produce these messages then you don’t have access to this level of advertising.

Final word

To become the most effective advertiser in your market, you don’t need a brilliant catch-phrase or novelty marketing idea. You just need to be the most attentive to the customer and speak to them about something they care about.

This approach is perfect for Facebook or LinkedIn advertising, where the targeting tools are laser focused.


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