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Website Expansion: A key advantage for lead generation

A big website is one of the most important advantages in all of online marketing – yet nobody seems to talk about it. Here’s why expanding your website can help you be #1 in your market…


The number of pages on your site determines how many different types of buyer can find you. It’s about getting found not just for plumbing, but for blocked drains, leaking showers, water filter installations, and so on.


The number of pages on your site determines how many buyer types you can regularly convert to customers.


The number of pages on your site determines how many slices of your market you can advertise to successfully. How many products or services can you advertise – with a dedicated sales page waiting to help with their purchase?

How to expand your website

Remember, we’re not expanding for the sake of it. We’re adding pages that expand or support your core sales funnel.

  • Write a page for every service or product
  • Write a page for every sub-service (think shoulder physio, ankle injuries, knee rehab)
  • Write a page for every feature (quality, security, affordable, certified, leading)
  • Case studies to prove you deliver on your promises

Bottom line

There are two problems you’re facing with a 5 page website.

  1. You’re invisible to the majority of your market. They are searching for one of the dozens and dozens of things you could do for them, and you’re not putting your hand up.
  2. When you pay for advertising or SEO, much of your spend is wasted. Why? Because there’s no sales team (dedicated sales pages) waiting to speak to the interested buyer.


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