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Correct use of your people online.

I generally see companies using people on their website in one of two ways.

  1. They don’t. Not a single person’s name or photo exists on their website.
  2. About Page only. These companies see the value of introducing the owner, or senior management, or occasionally all their staff.

But here’s the problem…

Winning business online is asking people to trust you with a job (and with their money). But people don’t trust companies. They trust people.


Ok I’ll spell it out for you. Introducing your people at every opportunity can single-handedly leapfrog you past the competition. Especially in situations where the buyer has to make a decision with limited information (i.e. all sales situations).

What to do

Get your people off your About Page, and introduce them through the rest of your site and marketing materials.

Business is built on relationships, and believe it or not we can start building these relationships on your website. So…

  • Who will your customer speak to on the phone?
  • Who will give them a product demo?
  • Who will visit them for a free measure and quote?
  • Who will put their package in the mail?
  • Who will treat their knee injury?

More work, and experience, and care goes into your service or product than any customer would predict. Introducing your people and sharing how they’re involved helps the customer to place a greater value on your service. And it gives your company an entirely different feeling compared to any other company they are considering.


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