Business Coaching FAQ

Q: What is business coaching?

A business coach is someone who helps a business owner to achieve their financial and lifestyle goals. Coaching provides support in two key areas: 1) Business strategy; and 2) Individual performance and skills. Coaching can help solve an immediate business challenge in the short term, but the biggest results come from boosts to the owner’s performance over time. Your unrealised potential is your biggest opportunity.

Q: Will you solve our problem?

Successful coaching will result in promoting yourself to CEO for the remainder of your career, and the skills to navigate your business to the financial or lifestyle result you desire. Changing a flat tyre may be necessary, but it may not improve your ability to win races. In short, my job is to help you solve this problem and the many others that follow.

Q: Is it business consulting or business coaching?

Business consulting provides a strategy to solve a specific challenge in the short term. A business coach will address current challenges, but also works with the owner to implement the strategy, make lasting changes, and improve the owner’s personal skillset and understanding of their business. The owner gains the skillset to consistently grow, solve problems, and achieve their lifestyle goals.

Q: How many coaching sessions do I need?

Big business challenges must be met with a suitable level of force. I help business owners to set and achieve big goals, so don’t do casual coaching (i.e. a session here and there). Consistent partnerships are essential for lasting change, however a short period of intense work will be the best way to see if we are a good fit.

Q: What results are possible with business coaching?

12 month targets currently range from $260,000 to $1,000,000 revenue growth (depending on growth potential and business size) through combined improvements in pricing, sales, lead flow, production capacity, efficiency, and more.

Q: Do you coach online or in person?

Since COVID 99% of my coaching is done as 1-1 video calls. When clients are local in Brisbane or Gold Coast we like to catch up for an occasional coffee or lunch.

Q: What kind of businesses do you work with?

I work with a wide range of business types including consultants, accountants, bookkeepers, health clinics, and more. They range in size from $0 (brand new business) to $5m+ in revenue.

Q: When should I consider a business coach?

Clients get in touch when they:

      • Are stuck at a certain level of growth or long-standing business challenge

      • Have been through the yoyo of growth followed by contraction when not sustainable

      • Have been the star player so far but need to build/train/lead a team to grow further

      • Are weary and in need of an exit from the business, but at the right price

      • Are new to business, have some traction, and want some guidance to build their first business right

    Q: How should I choose a business coach?

    A business coach is a personal choice. The main advice I have is to make sure your coach is comfortable answering questions about your ROI from coaching. There are many personally satisfying outcomes to be gained from coaching, but it’s important your coaching is paid for by the financial boost to your business.

    Q: Is getting a business coach an admission of failure?

    Getting a business coach is an admission that the performance of your business is important, and that you’re willing to give the business the support it deserves. I understand the sense of personal satisfaction that comes from doing something all on your own (I never got golf lessons, for example), but your business has such a large impact on your life and family that the cost of under-performing can be higher than other endeavours.

    Q: Dave, what is your background?

    I’m a business coach who specialises in helping business owners promote themselves to CEOs and arming them with the skills needed for year after year of business growth. I live in Brisbane, Australia.
    Before that I was a business coach who specialised in marketing and sales.
    Before that I was a business owner, marketer, business writer, and copywriter.
    Before that I was a geologist in gold exploration.
    Before that I did a PhD in Economic Geology.
    Before that I did a BSc in Geochemistry.
    Before that I was a maths assassin (aka nerd) at school.
    Before that I wanted to be a pro tennis player.
    Before that I was a big brother to 5 siblings.
    I’ll stop there until we know each other better 🙂

    Q: So where were we?

    I think we were about to organise a chat for this Friday through the contact page? Why Friday? That’s the day I open up my calendar to talk with new potential partners or anyone who just needs some quick guidance.

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