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Intensive Care Workshop

An urgent performance boost for business owners. Take a leap forward in your performance as a business owner. Learn skills you will use every day for the rest of your career.

  • This is the lowest-cost (& possibly highest ROI) way to access Dave in live coaching.
  • 6 x 1 hour workshops on Zoom.
  • $400 ($0 option on September 29 – see below).
Intensive Care Workshop for Business Owners

Haven’t reached your potential as a business owner?

I audited my last 1,000 hours of coaching and found there’s 6 things that have improved my clients results and confidence more than anything else.

I’m sharing them outside 1-1 coaching for the first time.

If you know you have greater potential than your current results show, I’ll help you understand and improve your performance as a business owner within 6 weeks.

Are you in the driver’s seat of your business?

Do you know how to pilot your business to goal after goal the way a successful pilot always reaches their destination?

Or do you still feel like a passenger?

Working more hours than you’d like. Growing slower than you expected. Earning less than you know you can. Never quite knowing the solution.

It actually makes sense, when you think about it. For all the business education out there on sales, marketing, culture, management, leadership, we are not taught how a single human being with all these responsibilities can steer a business to goal after goal with confidence.

In the workshop I’ll teach you this specific skillset…

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"Dave helped me rebuild my confidence. He helped me put all the pieces together and reminded me of my why. Dave has helped me understand my role as a business owner."
HC, Brisbane
Massage Therapist

What nobody has taught you

You learnt your craft as a practitioner (physio, marketer, bookkeeper, builder, etc). Then you learnt some business topics (sales, marketing, productivity, etc)

But who taught you how to bring all of those things together to achieve results? Nobody.

In this course you will learn to…

  • See your business on the map.

  • Diagnose your own business problems.

  • Decide what to do next.
  • Execute time after time (and why you’ve struggled before).
  • Measure your personal performance.
  • Solve business problems consistently.

Spend a few hours with me and take ownership of your business…

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"Dave has helped us grow from a small-time cleaning company into a major player in WA."
PE, Perth
Commercial Cleaning Business

What’s this knowledge gap costing you?

What’s the difference between your current income and the income you want?

For most business owners that gap is over $100,000. This figure represents the annual cost of your inability to close that gap. I would like to help you close that skills gap ASAP, so you can close your income gap.

As you know, money isn’t the only cost of this gap. You may be suffering similar deficits in your health, family goals, life goals, and your confidence. Would it be worth a few hours of your time to solve this?

What’s our mission?

At the end of this training, you will have:

  • An immediate improvement in personal performance.
  • A plan for improving both income and lifestyle.

You can begin to exit survival mode and day-to-day problems, and think bigger again.

A skillset that will make or break your career

The skills you gain will change your current business, your next business, your management team, and your staff. During this course you will feel like a CEO for the first time, and will have the option of occupying this lucrative role for the rest of your career.

Will your life change?

If there’s one word to sum up what you will gain from this course, it’s confidence.

When you have confidence you will set more targets. You’ll take aim at new records for income, lifestyle goals (a 3 day week perhaps), travel goals, paying off debts, new ventures, selling your business for a life-changing sum, and possibly buying/growing/selling other business.

What will it be worth to you? $4,000 or $40,000 or $400,000? That’s for you to estimate, but it’s probably a lot more than $400.

This is why this Intensive Care Workshop exists. I hope you’ll join me.

Dave Gillen

"It’s been an exciting time since you started business coaching sessions with M. I’ve been with him for just on 4 years now and the changes I’ve seen since he engaged your services last year are truly remarkable."
LZ, Adelaide
Building Company

Who is Dave?

Hi, I’m Dave.

I’m a business coach and advisor. I’ve been a marketer. I’ve run my own business. I’ve coached dozens of business owners 1-to-1 over the last 3 years. Because I work on a pay-on-results basis, my income depends on answering one question: What makes the difference between a business owner with potential and one that breaks all previous records for their business?

The Intensive Care Workshop is the quickest and lowest cost way for me to share this skillset with you.

What’s in this training?

In 6 weeks, learn how to:

  • See your potential and your handbrake
  • Measure and improve your current performance within 7 days
  • Escape the trap of never having enough time
  • Execute like it’s everything (it is)
  • Become a professional problem solver
  • Become an extremely confident CEO


  • 6 x 1hr zoom workshops
  • 6 weeks of Email Support
  • Personal feedback on your specific situation

Recommended program: 2-3 hours per week including:

  • Weekly Zoom,
  • Action 1-2 hours per week.

Should you register today or is anytime ok?

Now taking registrations for 29 Sept, 2023. This is the only scheduled free session (see below) and it will be a small group.

Guinea Pigs: How to get this training for $0

I’m running a lightning version of this course on 29 Sept 2023.

  • All topics covered in a single 2hr session.
  • No cost (part of Free Friday)
  • Goal: Deliver $10,000+ in value

This is the first time I’ve shared this training in this format, and I need your help to improve it. I will ask you for feedback and in exchange for being guinea pigs you will receive FREE training.

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