Why your website should start with photography

Most websites are sprinkled with a massive dose of bullsh#t.

Whenever we try to impress with our marketing, we just can’t help but exaggerate a little. We might try to sound more established, or more experienced, or (optimistically) claim to be #1. Let’s see why this mistake is a costly one, and how photography can help.

How does bull**** creep into your marketing?

We normally try to sound more impressive than the next company.

But our customer needs the confidence to send cash to a stranger, so THEY are asking themselves “Which company sounds more trustworthy?”.

Once we realise these are two different things, we can see we’ve been playing the wrong game.

How does photography help?

Photography is the ultimate BS filter for your website. Why? Because you can only photograph things that are real.

Planning a photo shoot for your website will help you to pinpoint exactly what’s real (and what’s not) about your business. And identify exactly what you should (and shouldn’t) be talking about.

You can then use the photos as talking points on your website, giving a vital ring of truth to everything you say.

What’s real about your business (i.e. what to photograph)?

Start by writing a list of what’s real about your business (things you can photograph).

Start with the basics. What does your business look like physically? Think about showing your building, location, and staff. You’d be amazed how many buying decisions are based on these fundamentals – Are you nearby? Do you specialise in what I need? Do you look like professionals?

Show your process. Many people would be surprised if they knew what went into each job you do. Do you follow an intricate process? Photograph the steps of your masterpiece (cake, jewellery, landscaping, car detailing). Do you use state of the art equipment? Show it.

Show your results. You cannot photograph “We are the best in Brisbane”, and on its own this is a highly questionable claim. Instead make a more specific claim and document it with photos. Show your awards, your finished product, your happy clients, your testimonials, your impressive numbers, your special feature.

Don’t aim for extraordinary

Your website’s job is to make one true statement after another, so that you never set off your customer’s BS detector.

It’s not easy, but if you commit to making only true statements, your words will be trusted more than impressive or “persuasive” words.

“Best guitars on the planet” is a dubious claim, but “Each guitar lovingly crafted in 30 steps” rings true – and can be documented with photos.

What results can you expect?

People believe what they see.

It’s not natural for humans to hire people they can’t see (virtual people in a virtual company). In every marketing channel, more people will choose the company that doesn’t ask them to choose blind.

Dave Gillen
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P.S. I’ve never found it easy to find suitable photographers for website projects in Brisbane, so to save you time I’ve included a few below. What I personally look for is three things: 1) They take great photos; 2) They fit my budget; 3) They include plenty of digital photos.

Alex O’Callaghan. I really like Alex’s fixed -price packages with plenty of digital photos included. Perfectly suited for websites, and surprisingly hard to find. https://alexocallaghan.co/

Blake Robertson. Stunning product images and also does graphic design to showcase the photography. Perfect if you need package labelling or ready-to-go advertising images. https://theblakeimage.com.au

Glenn Hunt. Glenn has an ability to turn an ordinary scene into something dramatic, and makes group photos look like important moments in history. www.glennhunt.com

Renee Brazel. Renee just makes people (and places and food) look so good, yet is surprisingly affordable. www.reneebrazelphotography.com

Tahlia Fiedler. Tahlia’s packages are exactly the type of simple pricing I look for – a 1-2 hour photo session and lots of digital images (+affordable). www.wyldefolkstudio.com/commercial-business-photography

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