This 5 week program is where all my 1-1 clients start. A low-cost introduction to business advisory, and a fresh look at your business.

A 5 week turn-on-the-lights experience. See your business and your goals so clearly the solutions will start lining up to be knocked over and you can move on to executing them for profit.

During our 5 weeks together we will:

  • Assess your growth potential
  • Find your biggest opportunities
  • See your blind spots
  • Map the fastest route to your goals
  • Check your business model is compatible with your goals
  • Level up your personal performance if needed
  • Trial working together
After 5 weeks you will have:
  • An independent assessment of your business
  • A well defined (achievable) vision and financial targets
  • A clear path to your destination
  • Your approach to business forever changed
When we’re finished, you will be armed and dangerous. Ready to move forward with confidence on your own, or in an advisory partnership if offered.

Where to start?

A 15 min chat. These chats are super casual, but also close to my heart. They are for many business owners the first chance to voice their situation to someone outside their business. A first step to acknowledge there is a problem they want to put more energy into solving. Whether you end up working with me or someone else, this short conversation will be 15 minutes well spent.

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