Marketing is often the first problem that needs solving in your business. This sticking point must be removed quickly and emphatically or it will forever prevent you from advancing to the next set of problems.

How important is marketing?

The amount of money in your bank account at the end of the year comes down to two things.

  1. The amount of customers you attract.
  2. How much money you make from each customer.

Marketing drives your results in both, and the amount of attention assigned to it should match its primary role in your company’s success.

Dave’s 10 year marketing career led him to where he is today, and his hands-on help with marketing activities is one of the big reasons clients choose him as their guide.

The kind of marketing challenges we conquer

  • Lead generation
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Marketing management and oversight
  • Outsourcing marketing to contractors and agencies
  • Hands on help with individual pieces of marketing (see examples below)

Marketing fun

Recent examples of marketing tasks completed with clients.

Marketing Plans

  • Social media marketing plan for a consultant.
  • Marketing plan for HR firm built around the CEO’s strength as a speaker and workshop facilitator.
  • Marketing plan for bookkeeper to generate business in 2 hours per week.
Marketing Management
  • Attendance in meetings with potential hires and marketing agencies.
  • Design of marketing reports for CEO to review agency marketing results and make allocating. next month’s marketing budget simple.
Product and Brand Development
  • Positioning: Re-positioned tech company as the #1 in their industry for benefits (speed and global reach) that competitors can’t match.
  • Offer development: Designed new service offerings (including naming and packages) for multiple early-stage clients.
  • Sales materials: Written bio for a client who was struggling to capture her superstar credentials in a paragraph.
Proposals, Quotes, Tenders
  • Proposal templates for multiple professional services clients, with expected boost of $100,000+ in sales in each case from increased acceptance rate.
  • Tender strategy and written tender that won a $250k job for a young cleaning company.

“Dave was instrumental in our biggest contract win to date (over 5x the size of our next largest job). His bullet-proof tender strategy, advice, and writing contribution was the key reason we were successful.”

Important Emails

  • Outreach: Simple outreach emails that landed a new high-profit revenue stream for a personal trainer.
  • High-risk moments: Email for bookkeeper to announce pricing increase to her clients. She had been feeling stressed about this price increase and had been putting it off for over 12 months. It was severely hurting her profitability and became an important hurdle to clear. Helping her wite this email made it easy to hit send…

“WOW! That’s a cut above the rest of fee increase letters I’ve ever seen. Thank you so much.”

  • Emergencies: Five-line email to a non-responsive buyer that closed a $100,000 business sale by the end of the day.

Note: Some of these are outside my role as an advisor and coach. I am not your copywriter, but when a tender is worth $200k, or an email is worth $100k, or proposal worth $300k, I will help you to make make those moments count.

Want Dave on your team?

A lack of incoming business is one of the most common sources of stalled growth. If you’re interested in having Dave on your team to remove this source of failure, see below for details on how we can work together.

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